Lamoon deeply understands mothers. To cherish moments of motherhood, we would like to introduce first ever food grade organic nipple and lip balm. Nourishing mommy’s skin and safe for the babies.

With Shea butter containing Allantoin and Vtamin E from natural sources, the balm protects and moisturize sensitive skin. Salve for cracked nursing nipples and chapped lips.

Organic Jojoba Oil helps smooth and soften skin. Fast absorption. Non greasy.

Sweet Almond Oil soothes skin irritation, locks oil and moisture for smooth skin.

Olive Oil keeps sensitive skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

Food grade ingredient. No need to wipe off before breastfeeding.

Free from Phenoxyethanol, possible cause of nausea and vomiting in babies. Free from Lanolin (wool wax from sheep), with likelihood of contamination from pesticides, alcohol and antiseptic.

Also use as lip balm for both moms and babies. No concern on food safety in case babies accidentally swallow.


Size: 10 grams

Lamoon Organic Nipple and Lip Balm

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