Lamoon Organic Nipple & Bottle Cleanser with pump for convenient use.

Made from unique ingredients of fruit enzyme naturally extract from fruits with cleansing properties i.e. lemons and pineapples.  Organically produced. Chemicals and additives free with fresh and pleasant scent from lime pure essential oil. Leave only nice fragrance, fresh smell after wash.

● 100% natural origin.

  Natural Extract Apple Vinegar, Bitter Orange and Organic Chamomile Water.

● To contain food grade ingredient.

Effectively remove ground of milk protein although breast milk is richer than cow milk.

Delicate formula. Low foaming. Easy to rinse-off. Convenient to use.

100% natural ingredients. No chemical residues. No white stains on bottles after sterilizing


Super Saving Size Lamoon Organic Nipple & Bottle Cleanser Pump Size 500 ml

Lamoon Organic Nipple & Bottle Cleanser

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